Getting Closure

Today I thought about you... ...about all of you whom I've had feuds with over the years, who left without saying a word, who disappeared from my life for no apparent reason, whom I should've treated better, whom I shouldn't have paid any attention to whatsoever, to whom I never said what I had to say. I … Continue reading Getting Closure


I know. I know it's January 23 and I know that writing about resolutions at the beginning of a new year is a bit of a cliché, but... This is not the type of post where I write down my resolutions for the next year. I don't think anyone cares about them and I also don't think they're anyone's business. This … Continue reading Resolutions

About Happiness

Quick disclaimer before I start this - I'm not going to talk about happiness in relation to material things. I think people should have learned by now that life itself matters more than wealth and that there's a different between being happy and being comfortable. Happiness - everyone's goal in life. We all want to be … Continue reading About Happiness