Don’t Let Assholes Be Assholes

“Be good to people, even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. You’ll sleep better.”

I’ve been seeing this everywhere. This damn quote is constantly being posted all over the place – on every social networking app and website, on every blog, it’s being preached in every video and displayed in every bio.

I feel like people have adopted this positive way of thinking just because it’s… in. It has become so strongly and so deep embedded into their minds that they don’t even think about the meanings or implications. They’ve become oblivious to the point where they don’t even filter this kind of quotes. They probably don’t even read after the “be good” part of a sentence.

“Be good to people”. Yes, that is something we should all do, no matter what. We should treat people with kindness, we should give everyone the benefit of the doubt, we should always act with grace and diplomacy, even with shitty people. I’m perfectly okay with that. Actually, I strongly agree with that. But why on Earth, WHY would you ever “let assholes be assholes”?!

This kind of thinking is one of the main problems with society today, because it’s awfully similar to “It doesn’t involve me, so it’s not my concern.” Most people are probably thinking “Why say anything to assholes? I’m not going to change them, they’re still going to be assholes. I’d better mind my own business.” and that is just so wrong!

Nobody can live alone. Each and every one of us is part of a community, whatever that community may be. We could be talking about a bunch of students in a classroom, about neighbors in a building or about a whole god damn city. They’re all communities in which people have to cohabit and nobody likes mean, rude, shitty people. Nobody likes being treated like crap, but there are people out there who, for many, various reasons, may not even realize how badly they’re treating others.

When you interact in any way, shape or form with an asshole, say something to them! You alone will probably not change anything – that’s true, but if everyone called that person out every time they were being a dick, eventually, something would change. Because people are amazing – they can reflect on themselves and realize things. They can change and grow. They can become better. Yes, people are that awesome!

So have a little faith in them and don’t just stand by doing nothing, saying nothing, being nothing! Act! Speak up! Because if you witness someone being shitty and mean to another person, let it slide, not say a word and then go home, go to bed and sleep just fine, something, on some level, is wrong.

This is just something to think about. After all, you know what they say – once you let a motherfucker slide, they start figure skating.

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